Our building is over 100 years old and was once home to the Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company, which was founded by Peter A. Prince. 

Peter A. Prince (1836 - 1925) was a well known man of many accomplishment; he moved to Calgary in 1886 to manage Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber and was a driving force for buisness and development. Peter A. Prince helped make Calgary what it is today, a city of well-meaning, hard-working, forward- thinking people. The following are a few accomplishments of Peter Anthony Prince.

- Built Calgary's first skyscraper: The Robin Hood Mills Site, present day Gulf Square, on 9th Avenue and 3rd Street.

- In 1889 he signed a contract to supply Calgary with electricity and established the Calgary Water Power Company.

- He invented and patented the Sherboom, an important piece of logging equipment.

- Built one of the first architecturally designed brick homes in Calgary which is now a prominent part of Calgary's Heritage Park.

- He was the President of Calgary Iron Works and partner in the Prince-Kerr Ranch near Brooks

- At the young age of 80 Peter Prince bought and learned how to drive a Red Rambler, the first gas powered car in Calgary.

- Prince's Island is named after Peter A. Prince